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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pero's Quick Scorecard: Democrat Debate

I know almost none of you watched tonight's Democrat debate.  And an even smaller portion watched it in its entirety...That's why I'm here for you.

There was nothing exciting or shocking about it, and in general it was a continuation of the same ol' same ol' among Democats:  D = Good, R = Bad (or worse).  Free stuff for everyone.  Wars are always bad, unless they were to be leading them.  The rich suck (though many of us would be astounded to find out they define us as rich - if they'd ever tell the truth how they define it).  Guns are the problem, not lunatics put on the streets by Liberal 'rights.'  Drugs and the sad saps in prison are good.  The earth is melting.  'Black Lives Matter - All Lives Do Not Matter...Blah, blah, blah.  Nothing new.

So, who won?

'The Queen' won.  And it wasn't even close.

O'Malley actually came across lucid, but no one knows who he is, and if he quadrupled his polling he'd go from 0% to ZERO%.

Webb and Chafee looked and sounded terrible.  I'm not even sure why they are in the race; and even less sure why they were allowed on stage.  Like O'Malley, they could get an exponential boost in the polls and still poll at ZERO%.

Sanders looked like the crypt keeper, but he has spunk.  Oh, and he allowed his inner-Trotsky to erupt for a brief moment - calling for a revolution...I have no doubt he plays well among his comrades, and there is a percentage of the Democrat Party who truly love him (especially among the angry, jealous portion of the population who feel they deserve more free stuff - JUST BECAUSE - but there is no way middle-America will ever cozy up to this guy.  He's on old, white, cranky, bad communicating, 'Left-er', version of Obama.

Which is why 'The Queen' won handily.  She played it safe overall, and allowed the other four to make all the noise they wanted...Of equal importance, the other four really didn't do anything to try to take a chunk out of her.  They made a few snide comments, but no one drove hard on her.  Which proves to me that none of them are really in it to win it.  They are merely props, getting her to the nomination - O'Malley may be playing for the V.P. spot.

*Quick Joe Biden comment:  If he wanted to be in the race, he would have been on the debate stage...He may enter the race if 'The Queen' implodes (which is possible), but I see no way he enters it to take her on.

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