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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Attorney General Eric Holder

"It remains not only valid – but essential – to question how such a strong alternative version of events ["Hands up, don’t shoot"] was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily.”

- Statement about the Ferguson case of Officer Daren Wilson acting in SELF DEFENSE against Michael Brown...Holder went on to blame the MSM for creating the false narrative of Wilson killing the poor boy as a matter of racism.

What Holder said in the quote is true - and isn't even a Libby quote...What's not true and is truly Libby about it is the BS Holder is spewing with his quote.  It's almost as if he really believes the American people are as stupid as he hopes they are.

Race pimps - like Holder and Obama - were all too willing to take the race bait and run with it in the Ferguson case.  For months they abused Officer Wilson, and fell just short of encouraging race riots - barely short of it.

As far as wondering why the "Hands up don't shoot" meme was "accepted so readily," Holder knows perfectly well why it was:  Because they - and he- so desperately wanted it to be true!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Prager University: Pakistan - Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

"We teach what isn't taught." - Dennis Prager

Pakistan is a complete pain in the neck for the West, because it is a dual player in the battle against Islamist extremism.  Pakistan's leaders do not want to be overrun by the extremists, because they know they and their families will be the first to perish...But in many ways they have a common bond with the extremists.  Even if they didn't have any bonds with the extremists, the first reality keeps them from destroying them.  Plus they use the extremists as a tool against their Indian enemy.

That said, it's important to remember two things about Pakistan.  One, they have nuclear weapons - a lot of them.  Two they have long-range missiles, capable of delivering their nukes...As such, the West will continue to allow Pakistan to play it's double game, out of fear of the Islamists taking over - taking over their nuclear weapons.

A couple more things to remember about Pakistan.  China has taken them under their wing, and will not allow the West to meddle without trouble...Pakistan is a mild version of what Iran will become if they are allowed to become a nuclear power - except Iran is already led by extremists, which would make them much more of a problem.

This semester of Prager University is presented by:  
Haroon Ullah

"Despite Western hopes, democracy does not necessarily moderate Islamist party platforms and ideologies.  On the contrary, Islamists can become even more extreme in democratic settings." - H.U.

"If the extremists prevail, the worlds fifth largest democracy will become the worlds largest terror state." - H.U.


Thursday, March 19, 2015


Monday, March 16, 2015

A Conservative Realist

"Oh my goodness, the 2014 election victories didn't end the war!  You mean the progressives are still out there dreaming of a future full of hugs and goosestepping?" - K.S.

Colonel Kurt Schlichter is a name you need to learn - hopefully, some of you already have...He was an Army officer, and has become a powerful voice among the Conservative commentariat.

Here are two things you need to know about Schlichter - two things which give him instant credibility in Conservative circles:

1.  He was enlisted to join the New Media fight by Andrew Breitbart.
2.  He is HATED by the loonies at the DailyKos.

"I don't want to hear how hard this fight is.  I don't want to hear how sad you are...Stop whining.  Our country is at stake.  This is going to be hard.  To bad.  Now ruck up and move out." - K.S.

Please visit the link below for a brilliant piece of Conservative Realism...As you will see, although Schlichter is surely familiar with von Clausewitz, he is equally a proponent of the Poison Pero portion of the Clausewitz/Pero Corollary

"Politics is the continuation of War by other means." - P.P.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


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