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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aubrey Chancellor (North East Independent School District, Texas)

"We don't want students sharing sunscreen...If students get it in their eyes or react badly to the sunscreen it can be quite serious."

- Statement about a new district policy for the coming school year.

We are supposed to be deathly afraid of Sun exposure, yet they can't allow children to share sunscreen...Genius!

Not that I'm surprised.  Schools have long been little more than sterile, daycare facilities, where kids not only don't learn, but aren't allowed to share food, play competitive games, or rough-house in any way - because they 'might get hurt' (physically or emotionally)...In other words, schools are no longer a place of learning to grow, adapt and build skills that prepare children for the rigors of the world.  Instead, they are babysitters, where the care providers coddle the kiddies and softly indoctrinate them in Liberalism.

Yet we wonder why each succeeding generation grows up more ignorant, socially incompetent, and deranged than the next.


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