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Sunday, June 29, 2014

40% of 'Solid Liberals'

"Often feel proud to be American."

- Answer to a recent Pew Research Center poll from Americans who identify themselves as 'Solid Liberals'...Meaning 60% of 'Solid Liberals' do not "often feel proud to be American."

Shocking!  NOT!

If anything, I'm shocked 40% of 'Solid Liberals' "Often feel proud to be American."

How about another question from this same poll:  "Honor and duty are my core values."

Again, only 40% of 'Solid Liberals' agree with this statement.


If anything, I'm shocked that 40% of 'Solid Liberals' hold "Honor and duty as my core values."

Nope, I'm not shocked at all that only 40% of 'Solid Liberals' "Often feel proud to be American" and say "Honor and duty are my core values.

If anything, I'm SHOCKED both aren't even less than 40%.

How about another 40% figure:  It's often stated 40% of Americans are Solid Democrat voters meaning they would vote Democrat no matter who is on the ticket...Seems like 40% a telling statistic - a part of the partisan divide I'd be embarrassed to identify with.

Which side are you on?  Are you a 40%'er?  If you say "NO," but continue to vote with them you actually are.


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