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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ralph Neas (President of People For the American Way Foundation)

“Americans’ rights and liberties are already less secure after just one year of the Roberts Court. While Justice Kennedy has prevented the Court’s far-right four from doing their worst, we’re clearly headed in the wrong direction. One more ultraconservative justice would mean a ‘lost generation’ for the Constitution.”

**Ralphie's sort of correct......."One more ultraconservative justice would mean a 'lost generation' for the" Liberal RE-WRITING OF THE CONSTITUTION!!

If Neas had an honost bone in his body (Hahaha!!! That's a stretch.), he'd admit that the SCOTUS is hardly made up of "ultraconservatives," and the most radical of its nine members is the Leftist old hag..........Ruthie Ginsberg (AKA: Litigatus agitatus).**


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